Boiling Water taps for any kitchen style

Boiling water taps are the perfect way to heat up your morning cup of coffee or tea. These metal faucets can be installed in any kitchen, large or small and work great for making anything from soup to oatmeal. They’re also easy to install! To learn more about how boiling water taps can make yourContinue reading “Boiling Water taps for any kitchen style”

How will Brexit affect your kitchen and your chef job?

Well there are still a lot of unclear elements right now which aren’t making easy to imagine a realistic scenario but we can for sure try to to put together some of the possible outcomes. We all know we were already leaving a shortage of chefs and kitchen staff. Many KP’s, Catering Assistants and ChefsContinue reading “How will Brexit affect your kitchen and your chef job?”

Celebrating Spring with Flowers in your Dishes

The Spring has come, new tastes, scents and colours grow through the five senses and what better time to think to revamp you best dishes with a flowery touch inspiring the appetite of your customers. We are going to cover the basic rules of flower garnishing and some suggestion and links of where to easily find edible flowersContinue reading “Celebrating Spring with Flowers in your Dishes”