Kitchens on Holidays: A Ski Food Special

Food on a ski holiday is always an adventure. You have the option of eating in your hotel, at one of the many restaurants or cafes in town, or even cooking for yourself. A lot of people are hesitant to cook when they go away because it’s not easy to find what you need and there is no one else to do it for you. But if you’re feeling adventurous, this blog post will show you how!
What should I buy? Obviously, that depends on where you are going but here are some basics: pans with lids (you can also use aluminum foil), sharp knives, cutting board(s), spatulas/spoons/spatula-like things and other cooking utensils like tongs

Food for thought is not just a saying, it’s actually pretty important. When you’re out on the slopes all day long snowboarding or skiing, then having food that tastes good and refueling your body with energy is crucial to have an enjoyable time. So if you are thinking about taking a ski holiday soon make sure to try some of these foods! They’ll keep you energized up until dinnertime. And even if you don’t go on a ski holiday anytime soon, they taste great any time of year.

Some tips for eating on a Ski holiday

  1. Don’t forget sunscreen!
  2. Wear layers, it’s cold up there
  3. Bring a hat to keep your head warm
  4. Pack snacks for the car ride or plane ride – you’ll need energy on your journey!
  5. Drink lots of water before and after skiing to stay hydrated
  6. Eat healthy food that will give you energy! No junk food please 🙂

Don’t forget sunscreen? How is that to do with food? Well, more than likely your lunch will be consumed on the sunny slopes, and you don’t want to burn whilst eating that pizza! Same with layers and a hat, be happy be comfy and chow down on your Apres ski delights.

Club Med Ski packages offer hotels with incredible foody options. All-inclusive restaurants and chalets with some of the best European food on offer. It means you don’t have to worry about cooking if an all-inclusive is your thing. i personally think it’s great to have a blend and cook some hearty food when you’re out there.

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