Celebrating Spring with Flowers in your Dishes

The Spring has come, new tastes, scents and colours grow through the five senses and what better time to think to revamp you best dishes with a flowery touch inspiring the appetite of your customers.

We are going to cover the basic rules of flower garnishing and some suggestion and links of where to easily find edible flowers and micro leafs.

Rule n.1: Use flowers only on cold food and desserts 

Don’t make of flowers you new mania! They aren’t suitable for warm food decoration, the heat of the food make them ugly and you will get the opposite effect of making your dish beautiful. Therefore flowers can affect the taste of your dish fi they melt on top.

So limite the usage of flowers and micro-leaves on cold food and desserts (and again, not warm dessert of course).

Be careful! Use only edible flowers and leaves

Don’t think any flower is fine to decorate your plate. You are a professional chef which serves to real people, not a foody searching for more likes on his next beautiful picture on Instagram. 

Even if the scope of your decoration is not let people eat the flowers, consider that by chance someone could inadvertently eat a petal and you don’t want them to sue your restaurant because they felt sick or worse.

Always make sure the leafs you are using are edible. If you aren’t sure 100% don’t take the risk, double check online there are many websites where you can find more information about it. Start from this useful list of the Royal Horticultural Society.

Choose trusted Fresh Flowers Suppliers

For the same reasons listed above, we strongly suggest to buy flowers and micro-leafs only from trusted suppliers. 

As any other raw material you use in you kitchen, you want to know where your flowers are coming from and how they have been grown.

Balance colour and taste

Carefully balance your creativity between colour and taste. Edible flowers indeed can be eaten and each flower has is own taste. We recommend to spend sometimes learning a bit more about flowers and their characteristics before to take the path of decoration. Some of our favourite flowers with serving suggestions:

Search for Inspiration

Everyone has his own style and touch but giving a look to the best to find some inspiration is always a good first step. We recommend this beautiful article Stefan Trepp, executive chef at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, one of the most famous chefs for the usage of edible flowers which . It’s full of insights about edible flowers and pictures of his best creations. 

Benefit of Growing Kits

You can buy herbs and flowers in growing kits. The great benefit is that they are actually alive so they last more, so they can be used right at the very last minute, making life a little easier for garnishing at the pass. They are grown in a soil free medium and sent in punnets so you can cut what you need and still have some fresh for another day. 

Micro Leaves 

Very young, small leaves harvested at seed leaf or first true leaf stage. Packed with flavour they will add an extra dimension to salads or that magical touch to complete a dish. Used and eaten whole, they are quite common in the kitchens of some Michelin starred chefs in the UK and oversee. 

Well there is a lot more to know about this topic so if you are interested we recommend to invest some time in expanding your knowledge searching online especially on the suppliers websites you can find tons of tips and information.

In the meantime don’t forget to give a look to our Chef Spring Deals, where you can find Selected Chef jackets and Trousers to face the hot in kitchen and knife bags and roll to safely carrying your knives around, especially now that out door events will start to bloom. 

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